NFL not saying indoor stadium would guarantee Nashville a Super Bowl (but it would)

PALM BEACH, Fla. – The NFL isn’t yet willing to say what many of us presume, that an indoor stadium in Nashville for the Titans will guarantee a Super Bowl for Nashville.

That’s despite the fact that the last nine new NFL venues have all hosted or are scheduled to host the big game dating all the way back to 2007, including cold-weather Minnesota, Indianapolis and New York.

Nissan Stadium

Las Vegas will host the 2023 season Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium.

The NFL’s Brian McCarthy vice president of communications said Wednesday that such a stadium certainly would enhance Music City’s chances. [Unlocked]

As part of his amended budget, Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee is asking the state to offer $500 million in bonds to help fund a new building, provided it’s an indoor venue, per Axios.

The news site estimates the total cost would be near $2 billion.

BRYMAK“Having a new indoor stadium in Nashville would greatly increase chances for the team and city to be considered to host a Super Bowl," McCarthy said. “And based on our recent experience with the NFL Draft, we know first-hand that Nashville can put on world-class events with their hospitality, can-do spirit, and support from the residents and business community.”

Nashville would have to initiate a Super Bowl proposal to put things in motion.

But no matter what the NFL is saying at this stage, if an indoor venue is up, running and functioning smoothly on the East Bank of the Cumberland River, history says football’s biggest game will come to Tennessee within a few seasons.

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