NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Terry Robiskie's weekly press sessions get more and more compelling as he doesn't hold back about what he thinks or why the Titans offense operates as it does.

In that, there are usually some doozies.

This week's included that Derrick Henry, who rated his performance against the Jaguars as soft, was good on Sunday, when he managed a 66-yard screen TD but ran 28 times for a 1.8-yard average.

"I thought he did pretty good Sunday, I thought he did pretty good, did some good things," Robiskie said. "Obviously the touchdown was a hell of a play for us, that was a good one for us. The 28 carries, of course he got tagged a few times. There we a couple holes that he missed, a couple cracks that I would have hit.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Marcus Mariota suffered hamstring and knee injuries during the course of the season and may still have issues resulting from last year’s broken fibula.

It’s affected both the way the Titans call run plays for him and the scrambling he’s done.

Whether injuries are bothering him or not, he set them aside Sunday and found his way to 10 carries for 60 yards, mostly on scrambles. His two excellent third-down conversions late helped the Titans hold on to a playoff-clinching 15-10 win over Jacksonville.MariotaStiffJags

“We’re at that point right now where every man needs to do whatever he can, whatever it takes to make this thing go,” Mularkey said, responding to a question about measuring running Mariota versus protecting him as the Titans head into the postseason.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The long-awaited volume-carry game for Derrick Henry arrived on Sunday against the Jaguars.

And it was a disaster.

Henry made one huge play for the Titans, taking a screen pass 66 yards for the game’s only offensive touchdown.

But against the NFL’s 21st-ranked run defense and against a team he had Week 2 success against (14 carries for 92 yards and a TD), he struggled badly.

Twenty-eight carries for 51 yards. That’s a 1.8-yard average.MariotaHenryHandoffJags 1

Rare were the instances where he had room. But that’s where a back has to take what he can get. Instead, Henry paused far too often in the backfield and got hit for losses.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The reasonable ask for the 2017 Titans was a playoff berth.

For the Titans to go from 3-13 in 2015 to 9-7 but out of the playoffs in 2016 to 9-7 and in the playoffs in 2017 is undoubtedly progress.

No matter how you feel about the style and scheme of a team heading to Kansas City and the fifth seed in the AFC to take on the Chiefs on Saturday and no matter what the Titans do there, this season qualifies as a success.

MatthewsHenryJags 1

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IMG 5455NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The building currently known as Nissan Stadium had never before hosted a win-and-in regular-season finale.

The New Year's Eve playoff-qualifying victory was another ugly game for the Titans, 15-10 over the Jaguars.

But it got the job done.

And for several players who'be been in the league for a good while, it marks a great personal moment as well as a great team one.

My video report:

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mistakes were mounting, including a big one he was in the middle of -- a fumbled handoff returned for a TD.

At their best this season, the Titans had shown resilience and ability to withstand and overcome.

Carrying a three-game losing streak and with monstrous stakes, it seemed a lot to ask, for this team to revert to form and find a way, again.

But with the Titans clinging to a 15-10 lead, the guy they fervently believe in, put them on his back and made the two plays they needed to survive.


The result is the first playoff berth for the Titans since 2008, and a Saturday game in Kansas City, the first of the 2017 postseason.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – While not producing enough points last week against the Rams, the Titans heavy use of no-huddle looked like a better fit.

Marcus Mariota is a more lively quarterback when he’s running the quicker offense that puts him more in control.MariotaEscapeBAL

But Derrick Henry, who will be the team’s lead running back with DeMarco Murray (knee) out for Sunday’s crucial game, is not a guy the Titans have leaned on in that style of offense.

At all.

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