NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Thursday night as the preseason concluded, we heard the math.

Some teams are already under 90 players, but roughly 1,184 players will lose jobs as teams cut down to 53 by Saturday afternoon.

And hey, for some of those guys it will be crushing. They won’t have seen it coming. They could land on another 53. Some will get signed to a practice squad.

For many more, it’s the end of a fun chance to see how they stacked up with the big boys before moving on with life. Many of those guys would have had to be incredibly naïve to believe they were going to have a job past Saturday.

Call me insensitive, but spare me the poetic stuff about snatched away dreams and how I’d feel differently if it was my job.

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No matter how one tries to prepare himself to watch that, it was even worse than expected.

Week 4 of the preseason is mercifully over.

Chiefs 30, Titans 6 was pretty unbearable viewing.

Mike Mularkey changed his mind and didn’t play many starters. We saw no veteran who will challenge for the starting lineup on offense play.

On defense, we did see three of the team’s top four corners – LeShaun Sims, Adoree’ Jackson and Brice McCain – and some others.

Let’s start there.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – When Mike Munchak shut down practice to the media before the 2013 season, it irked me in a way few things have during my time around the Titans, dating back to 1996.

He completely bungled the way he presented it to us and failed to offer a good explanation for the change.

Several of us who covered the team stood with him after practice for 45 minutes and let him have it, grilling him about how he decided to make the big change and why.

I had some doozies with Ken Whisenhunt, but that was probably as bad an exchange with a Titans coach as I ever had. I told him in very clear terms, he was giving away any benefit of the doubt he previously got from me.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After the Titans practiced in pads Tuesday and Mike Mularkey got his first look in a long time at receivers Corey Davis and Eric Decker, the Titans coach said he wouldn’t yet rule them out for Thursday night 

in Kansas City.

But if they don’t play Davis (hamstring) and Decker (ankle) will have a very good chance of being 100 percent when the Titans kick off the regular season at Nissan Stadium against the Raiders on Sept. 10.

Decker is in his eighth season and there is no reason to worry about his readiness.

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