Pay and practice rules for NFL training camp

Titans Training CampNASHVILLE, Tenn. – Titans rookies report for training camp on Saturday, veterans on Tuesday and they all will be on the field for the first practice of training camp on Wednesday.

One of the most popular questions I get at this time of year is about how players are paid during camp.

They don’t start to collect on their base salaries until regular season games are played.

First-year players get $1,850 per week and veterans get $2,900 per week as per the NFL collective bargaining agreement.

Players have a five-day acclimation period once they report, so the Titans' acclimation time will run Tuesday through Saturday.

Here is how things will work during the first week for the Titans:

Tuesday: The first day of reporting is limited to physicals, meetings and classroom instruction. On the field, players may only run and condition.

Wednesday-Saturday: No live contact. One full-speed practice of no more than two hours. Another walk-through of drills and instruction can be 1 hour, 30 minutes long. Helmets and protective shirts are allowed Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday helmets and shells are permitted.

Sunday: A mandated day off following the five-day acclimation period.

Monday, Aug. 1: The Titans can reconvene and hold their first padded practice.

From there forward, players may be on the field up to four hours a day.

Padded practices can’t last longer than 2:30. They have to have at least 90 minutes off the field before they are back on the field for the final 1:30 in the form of a walk-through. Those practices can occur in either order, but the Titans under Mike Vrabel have typically held the padded practice first.

Padded practice can’t be held more than three days in a row and camp can’t include more than 16 padded practices.

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