pickers vodka 847x63NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- We've arrived at the weekend and after a week with no mailbag, it's clear you were craving one.

So post uniform-reveal and pre-start of OTAs, let's dive into your best questions.

ProShopPK: Home teams get to choose what they wear, so in early season home games at Nissan Stadium, if they want to be in white they can so choose. You’re going to wind up in dark in warm conditions sometimes. I don’t know if it factored into their helmet color

choice at all, but navy is going to be warmer in such conditions that white was. (Pro Shop photo courtesy of Marshall Franklin.)

PK: I think the reason is obvious – a 20th-anniversary patch on a first-year uniform sets up a contradiction. They never intended to put that logo on these uniforms beyond a decal on the back of the helmets.

PK: Salary cap dollars are an accounting mechanism, not actually money set aside in a suitcase.

PickersFour 1Teams each get there share of league revenue, including TV money, and do with it what they will. They just have to have the money in the bank to write checks to their players for bonuses and base salaries as they are due. Same as with any company.

Players get 47 or 48 percent of league revenue. This year that number divided up for 32 teams is roughly $177 million.

PK: Nobody enjoyed the Ken Whisenhunt type. He was super-tough to deal with, overly defensive and sensitive, didn’t offer up much very often.

Mularkey was a bit too controlling, but I credit him for being candid. He did a lot of explaining and was on board with naming names and keeping people accountable.

Vrabel’s been great so far. My sense is he doesn’t like stuff that lasts a long time. I like him personally and am enjoying interacting with him and getting to know him. I don’t think he will hesitate to roll his eyes or call out a bad question, which will keep me on my toes and make my work better.

PK: It can’t hurt. I spoke to him casually after the uniform even for a bit and asked about workouts this week in Nashville and he said the time in California knocked that out. Certainly, that stuff can’t hurt the group, and it’s something they didn’t have last year as Mariota recovered from his broken leg.

He also said his ankle and leg feel good and have good flexibility.

PK: The line will be intact unless Kevin Pamphile or Xavier Su’a-Filo unseats Quinton Spain at left guard. We will have to see how the new scheme works, but it will certainly place a premium on protecting Marcus Mariota. You can keep him safe other ways then just blocking well for longer; Quick throws, rollouts away from weak spots, etc. I expect we’ll see a lot more of those kind of things.

PK: We can’t pretend to know that Leighton Vander Esch is their target, though you can count me as loving him. He’s an inside linebacker. They need one, but they also need an edge guy who can rush the passer.

Predicting trades is pretty useless.

They probably won’t see 32 first-round talents on the board. If none of the guys they are targeting is there, they could try to get out. If several of them are there, they could try to get out. I’d sure like a scenario where someone they lose is there and they grab him and he’s just what they think.

apple icon 144x144 precomposedPK: Sure, barring a setback, he should be back. Opening day is likely too fast a timetable, however.

PK: No. They just got three new versions of their uniforms. They are going to want to use them. You have to be in something new for a while before you get the urge to throwback to something old. And no one in Nashville is excited to see Oilers throwbacks. In five years – my clock for it, not theirs -- they can throwback to two-toned blue.

Kevin Mondragon Is “at the end of the day” the most overused phrase in sports?

PK: Strong contender for sure.

I think Malcolm Butler could help make a push for "most definitely," however.

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