Pickers mailbag: What Thursday means for Derrick Henry's future

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Welcome to Week 14 Sunday, with  Titans' win in the bank and a full slate of games ahead. During and between them I invite you to catch up on al lthe best questions you've tossed my direction.

HenryAnthemJagsPK: It’s hard to know. It was an all-time game. It does a lot for Derrick Henry's cause. But I don’t think a guy who a coaching staff seemed out on for a good part of the season solidifies his future with one game. He had been trending up. To me, this will be a big test for Mike Vrabel and his staff. Can they make the most of what they’ve got as opposed to finding exactly what they feel they need? If Henry finishes strong, does their thinking evolve?


PK: Special teams has had a couple bad games and many of you have somehow turned it into a bad season. Stats aren’t updated to include Thursday. But before that, the Titans had the best field position start after a kickoff in the entire league (the 28.4-yard line). They were 31st in average field position for opponents after kickoffs (the 27.4-yard line).

Brett Kern and Ryan Succop have both been quite good until very recently. If you want to talk about a potential firing, I’d stick with the position that’s been a virtual constant issue this season, the offensive line. But I am not a big, fire-the-position-coach guy for any position that is bad. It’s a case by case thing with a lot more nuance than that.

PK: I doubt it.Pickers New Packaging 1

With all the stuff the league has going on to sort through, a poor and goofy acting job where nothing happened can’t rank high on their concerns. If I’m the league I laugh at him the way Taylor Lewan did and move on to the next thing But I will check in and see.

PK: It’s interesting that, down a tight end, you ask if they will get a receiver or a fullback. The first thing they should be looking for is a tight end.

Now if there isn’t one they like or they think can do much to help very quickly, they can promote someone else from the practice squad, where they have a couple receivers in Devin Ross and Roger Lewis. I know there is continued fan fascination with Jalston Fowler and I guess there is a scenario when they try that again. At the very least they’ve got to get a tight end onto the practice squad.

PK: Are those guys rushing or dropping? That’s the mystery. This isn’t a question of guys not using fundamentals. It’s a tactic to confuse. If no one is in a three-point stance, then the offense doesn’t know, for sure, who’s coming and who’s dropping, an that makes things complicated before the ball is even snapped.

Chad Abel Do you think the inconsistency with identity, could possibly be Vrabel trying to emulate the Belicheck coaching style of dramatically changing the game plan week to week according to opponent, but he’s just not that good at it yet?

apple icon 144x144 precomposedPK: There is an element of this. Except I don’t think he’s asked for dramatic alterations and I think he understands the Titans’ limitations, based on their personnel and based on this team not yet having much experience at it.

But I think we’ve seen how a plan can work really well – New England – and can not work at all – Baltimore. And those up and downs are the result of being a matchup team for sure.

PK: Nothing bad about it, really. I want compelling stuff that people are interested in. People were definitely interested in the Henry game, and while the attendance was poor, those who were there had a shared experience and hopefully, I helped complete that connection, by giving them stuff to read and watch about it after they got home.

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