Reacting to the first we've heard from Adrian Peterson

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Adrian Peterson paused for a second to calculate and seemed confident he knew the eight-game records of the last two teams he played on. 

He missed a bit, but his point was on target.

Joining the 6-2, AFC-leading Tennessee Titans is a whole different deal than being part of 1-7 Washington in 2019 or 3-5 Detroit in 2020.

Adrian Peterson

The smiling Peterson, the fifth-leading rusher of all-time with 14,820 yards, spoke after his third practice in Nashville.

He's part of the Titans' plan for replacing Derrick Henry as they try to maintain a run-heavy identity and a similar offense to what's gotten them to where they are.

He's not yet spoken to Henry but said now that things have slowed down a big he intends to reach out and see how the fellow Heisman Trophy winner is doing after Tuesday's foot surgery. [Unlocked]


He said all the right things and has quite a presence. A while before he spoke to us, he exchange pleasantries with Bob Kusek, a  cameraman for NewsChannel 5 and fellow Oklahoma alumnus who was wearing the same Sooners hat he always dons. (Kooz is Okieboy79 on Twitter.)

It's easy to be feeling great about a Hall of Fame running back who just arrived, looked good during the small slivers of practice we saw, got raves from teammates and coaches and spoke eloquently about his start here.

None of that tells us how he will do as a 36-year old against the Rams' terrific front.

Vrabel said running back production will be determined as the Titans go.

On star-player Friday we also heard from A.J. Brown and Julio Jones.

Here is some of the best from them.

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