Reaction to Twitter over-reaction to the Titans during their win over the Texans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Someday, perhaps a game will unfold in a way that doesn't allow so many to be crazy early on.

And then this column will be in jeopardy. But it is alive and well after the Titans 24-13 win over the Texans.

PK: When you say pitiful what I hear is, “Have won twice as many games as they’ve lost, which only three other teams in the AFC have done.” Well said!MariotaMichaelHOU

PK: You tweeted this early in the game. So it’s clear you don’t watch this team with any regularity. Because what the Titans often do is, they play lousy early and then fight back and come out ahead. In general, it’s just not smart to take an early sampling – of most games – and to declare that it tells you the end results. With this team that’s really unwise tactic.


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