Rest working for Marcus Mariota, who Titans say will be ready in April

INDIANAPOLIS – Rest has served Marcus Mariota well and Mike Vrabel expects the quarterback to be 100 percent for regular offseason action when the Titans return for offseason action in mid-April, the coach told The Midday 180.

Mariota missed three games in 2018 including the crucial season-finale against the Colts at Nissan Stadium. The Titans needed a win to get into the playoffs. Without Mariota, who sat out with a stinger that a California-based neck expert told him could put him at risk for further damage, Tennessee lost 33-17.MariotaBalanceEagles

“I’ve texted with him a couple times, he’s feeling good,” Jon Robinson also told the radio show.  “He’s had some checkups and all that. Without having a printed out report of a full body scan, all things seem to be pointing in the right direction.”

Robinson said his end-of-season conversation with Mariota included talk of ways to keep the quarterback healthier.

“There are some things that I think that we can do offensively, certainly to help him,” Robinson said. “I think there are some things that he can do, personally, whether it takes the 5-yard route, not wait on the 15-yard one to open, get the ball out quick to avoid getting hit.

“Then there are things we can do offensively to help him too on this football team: Get him some more playmakers, protect him a little bit better, which we are working to do.”

apple icon 144x144 precomposedI like the example and hope it's an indicator that maybe the Titans will play a little quicker offensive passing game.

Robinson wouldn’t offer anything up on whether the Titans will consider any negotiation with Mariota before this season when he plays under a fifth-year option worth nearly $21 million.

One thing I’ve wondered about is Mariota’s weight. He was listed at 222 pounds last year. I believe his West Coast trainers like him lighter but the Titans would like him around 225 to help increase his chances of being more durable.

It's nice that they are talking hopefully about Mariota's health in 2019. Still, the ought to also be considering a better backup plan too.

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