Take a Lap: I field all of Adam Perutelli's Titans' questions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Welcome to our newest feature, "Take a Lap," brought to us by Nashville Baseball Academy.

Each week, I'll meet up with a member of the site at his or her local high school field and we'll take a lap during which he or she can ask me anything. Then, as I get access to the Titans, we'll shift into me convincing one of them to take a lap with me, and I'll do the questioning.

We started off with Adam Perutelli, who I thought had excellent questions.

These will get shorter. Out of the rain, we'll actually be on the field instead of on the track, so we won't be in the way of the runners, and we will have less ground to cover. The camera work will also improve, I promise.

If you're interested in taking a lap, let me know in the comments here.


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