Take a Lap: The two guys I'd take for the Titans at 19 now

GALLATIN, Tenn. -- I took a day trip to Gallatin to meet up with PaulKuharsky.com member Sam Dean for this week's "Take a Lap." We found an open gate at Calvin Short field just as coach Chad Watson had told me we would.TakeALap 2

We hit on draft analysts, fall Saturdays, where the Titans fit in a passing league circa 2019, the challenges of turning into a solo act after years at The Tennessean and ESPN, having thick skin and not backing down as a reporter, who the Titans will draft and what's coming from Blake Beddingfield.

I shortchanged Sam on a pick for the Titans. As I say in the video, I'm not much of a mock drafter and will have a more solid selection as we get closer. Right now I'll say it's one of two

Clemson teammates (hold your Kevin Dodd horror): Edge Clelin Ferrell or defensive lineman Christian Wilkins.

If you'd like to join me for a lap, drop a note in the comments or send me a Tweet.

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