The Frank Wycheck Project: He's appreciative and humbled by your notes and letters

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Frank Wycheck remains one of the most popular players in Titans' history.

After his 11-year career, he was an accessible radio presence in town, as the color analyst on Titans Radio’s game broadcasts and as part of the Wake Up Zone on 104.5 The Zone, where I spent an hour three mornings a week bantering with him and his co-hosts.


Before those jobs ended, a guy with back problems talked openly about how he believed he’d have CTE as a result of concussions and hits to the head during his 11-year career.

The combination of the successful career as an underdog, the charming radio personality and the health concerns continued to make him a very likable guy. And because he’s sort of retreated from public life there is some mystery about him now. [Unlocked]

The last time he was at a Titans' event was at the uniform unveiling in the spring of 2018, which is where the attached photo is from. He talked to me on camera there. Frank Wycheck says he's doing well: 'Hopefully I'll show up somewhere some time soon.'Wycheck2

I am asked about him more often than I am asked about Marcus Mariota.

Occasionally, I’ll send him a text to check-in, and he’ll get back to me saying he’s doing well.

The older of his two daughters recently got married and I was told he thoroughly enjoyed being the father of the bride.

In May, I reached out to members of my site and then the general public with The Frank Wycheck Project and invited all the people who ask me about Wycheck to speak to him directly. I provided a route for you to write him a note and offered to then deliver them all to him.

John Malone Frank's always been my favorite Titan. His style of play, his relentless attitude and willingness to put his body on the line for his team. He was a whatever it takes to win kind of player. I can only hope my kids have half the drive and determination that made Frank who he was as a player and who he is as a man.

Amy Culp Hudson I really enjoyed his perspective when he moved from player to broadcaster. He brought personality, knowledge, and depth to the booth. Far better than the average transition from player to broadcast.

So I wrote him a note, and stuffed all your notes into a big envelope and drove by his house earlier this week. I decided against a surprise knock on the door. I sent him a text and let him know I'd left something in his mailbox.

And a few days later he sent me this.


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