The Paul Kuharsky Podcast: 'That's who it is' in the Titans' receiver room

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Like it or not, the persistent questions about the Titans' lack of moves made to address the needy wide receiver position are going to end unless they find someone or the group they have somehow overachieves.

The latest reaction came from Ryan Tannehill, who did his best to praise each of his guys but also said, "You look who you got in the room and that's who it is."

The quarterback also agreed with the majority, he was surprised there wasn't a draft pick higher than seventh spent on the position.
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Subjects I dive into:

💥 What Tannehill and Chig Okonkwo had to say about the new offense 

💥 Wondering about the odds of the Titans playing their board and it landing on offense six out of six times

💥 Aaron Brewer bulking up, even though the number he gave up is lower than last year's listed weight

💥 Ryan Cowden's departure

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