The Paul Kuharsky Podcast: The Titans Rolling the Dice

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans would have had to reach for a wide receiver during the first six rounds of the draft, Mike Vrabel said. This is why I believe it would have made sense for them to have traded back somewhere along the way to get value to align with their pick, gaining additional opportunity.The Paul Kuharsky Podcast

We start this week's edition of The Paul Kuharsky Podcast with the Titans' confounding nonchalance regarding one of their two biggest needs through the two prime windows of player acquisition -- free agency, where there weren't good options but they could have made some improvements, and the draft.

They managed to add replacement-level free agent Chris Moore and seventh-rounder Colton Dowell.

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Subjects I dive into:

💥 Roll the dice, use the board
💥 Fans coping
💥 Increased athleticism
💥 Expected starts added
💥 Great grades

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