Titans DB coach Kerry Coombs: My wife and I knew nothing of domestic violence allegations at Ohio State

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Mike Vrabel hasn't been at Ohio State since 2013, but his defensive backs coach, Kerry Coombs, was there until he joined the Titans on Jan. 31.

The recent reporting of Brett McMurphy said the domestic abuse allegation against receivers coach Zach Smith was widely known by, at the very least, the wives of the bulk of the coaching staff.

Urban Meyer has been placed on administrative leave while Ohio State investigates what he knew and when.

Coombs told me Monday morning he and his wife, Holly, had no knowledge of any of it.

Vrabel spoke in broad terms recently about his alma mater and his confidence that Ohio State's athletic director will do the right thing.


"I think that the general thought is that I love Ohio State, and I love the people there," he said. "My family loves Ohio State and I'm confident that Gene Smith will do what's best for the university, do what's best for Ohio State. But you know I jus, I love Ohio State, my family loves Ohio State.

"We're anxiously waiting for the investigation just to make sure that everything is done properly there. That's what you have to do there. I understand how a chain of command works, and I'm sure that Gene will do everything that he can do to follow all the rules in the investigation and make sure everything is clear before he makes a decision."

The university has appointed an investigator and said it's hopefully a report will be complete within two weeks.

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