Titans need to force the issue running the ball vs. Jaguars

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – At the end, the Titans abandoned the run out of necessity in Sunday's 26-16 loss to the Raiders Sunday.

Murray2OAKBut a 41-to-21 pass-to-run ratio isn’t something a run-determined team can have very often, and the equation Mike Mularkey would prefer we use when measuring such things seems a bit much to me.

“We went into no huddle late in the third quarter, early fourth, a lot of that dictated throwing the ball more than running the ball,” Mularkey said. “Obviously 2 minute (drill), definitely you’re going to throw the ball more. And again you have to look at all the third down snaps we had and factor all those in and then balance out to see where your run-pass ratio is.”

I understand his broad point: Some game situations dictate passing. But when we look at run-pass balance we aren’t doing all that math. We’re looking at if the gap skews too big and plus-20 pass skews too big.


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