Titans' new stadium now won't open until 2027

PHOENIX – With City Council and Sports Authority approval of the Titans' new stadium expected before the end of April, the franchise and Metro Nashville can put a ceremonial shovel in the ground this summer.

New Titans Stadium
Rendering of Titans' new stadium

But actual construction on the $2.1 billion covered stadium will not start until the early offseason in 2024 and the window for having the new venue ready for the 2026 NFL season has passed.

The Titans now expect to begin play there in 2027, PaulKuharsky.com has learned at the NFL annual meeting.


That means parking at Nissan Stadium will not be disrupted this season and many fans will be able to hold their regular tailgate in the main parking lots on the east side of the stadium for one more year.

After that, construction on the new stadium will be underway and parking for the 2024, 2025 and 2026 seasons is likely to be an adventure featuring a lot of shuttle rides.

The timing of sales for PSLs for the new stadium is not yet clear. When they do go on sale, current PSL holders will get a credit in line with their value tied to the year of the Kuharsky megaphonepurchase and options may be multiple due to the varied section configurations of the new stadium.

Anyone who buys a PSL for Nissan Stadium now also buys a spot ahead of non-PSL holders for a seat in the new location.

In the final four seasons of Nissan Stadium’s life, the franchise will work to maintain the venue but there won’t be any major work. Clubs have been freshened up with new carpet and paint but the “dollhouses” at the back of the end zone concourses are expected to survive to the end.

The team will finance $860 million of the $2.1 billion stadium plus all cost overruns.

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