What Taylor Lewan thought of A.J. Brown's leadership moment

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Things change fast in the NFL.

A week ago we were fairly wondering about offensive leadership.BrownLewan

Against the Chiefs, we saw some in action. Derrick Henry continued to come to the forefront, his production forging his leadership.

Ryan Tannehill produced a third fourth-quarter comeback. A couple runs where he rammed into defenders, unafraid of consequences surely scored him points with his teammates and gained him a bigger platform.

Those are the two guys who should be at the top of the list for offensive leadership.

Many spotted a small moment suggesting a rookie receiver’s got some of the moxie for which I’ve been pleading.

When Taylor Lewan drew his first penalty, on the second play of the third quarter, A.J. Brown came on the field and walked very purposefully right at Lewan.

A rookie second-round pick marching right up to the team’s highest-paid, most outspoken player to say some version of “cool it, you’re hurting us” was a very nice development. And look at his eyes in the picture as he's doing it.

“I think it shows good leadership by such a young guy,” Lewan said. “I’m supposed to be a leader on this team and I’m hurting this team by having the penalties and things. A.J. saying something, everybody should have said something to me there. If it’s gotten that consistent. I think it showed good leadership by A.J. to come over and say something.”

It was also something Mike Vrabel took note of. 

If Brown has not already passed Corey Davis as a threat, he sure is close. He’s just a more instinctive football player than the No. 5 pick in the 2017 draft.apple icon 144x144 precomposed

With 27 receptions, Brown is just one catch behind Davis. Yet he averages 16.5 yards per catch to Davis’ 13.4 and much of it comes in yards after the catch. He runs away from people with a great combination of size, speed and instincts.

He’s a fun guy who says the right things, has a good attitude and, as he put on display in this one brief interaction with Lewan, has his head on the right place and isn’t afraid to lead in a way we don’t always see people on the Titans offense do.

He’s still got work to do to get open more consistently, but there is no reason not to expect he’s got the right mindset to maximize what he’s got as he grows up in the league.

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