DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry not subject to same decision-making critiques as Titans at other positions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The SkyCam angle used to show us the Titans Nov. 16 loss at Pittsburgh gave us a different vantage point on the Titans running game.

And we saw DeMarco Murray make some less-than-great choices on some carries, moving away from holes and into defenders.MurrayPIT

Mike Mularkey said there were some plays where the Titans failed to block the right people. But he’s not in the habit of reviewing where a back did or didn’t go.

“I've never (played running back), and I'm sure most of those people making those comments haven't either, to tell our backs how to run, especially DeMarco Murray, he’s got 7,000 yards of hitting holes the way he does,” Mularkey said. “I know if we block it better, we should've had bigger runs. We had opportunities for much bigger runs than we had (Thursday night) if we block it better.”

This idea of nearly complete running back decision-making freedom is something I don’t recall every delving into.

Jeff Fisher, who was an NFL punter returner, used to say he’d never question a punt returner’s decision on whether to fair catch a ball or not.

Beyond that, is there another position where decision-making isn’t subject to coaching review, where film review doesn’t focus on it?

I’m thinking the answer is no.


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