As Mike Vrabel talks trust, the Titans will have to believe if team moves from Ryan Tannehill to Tom Brady

INDIANAPOLIS – On a recent episode of Bussin’ with the Boys, Derrick Henry told Taylor Lewan and Will Compton while Tom Brady looked just fine, he wouldn’t understand why the Titans would turn away from Ryan Tannehill.BradyLewan

“(Brady) still can play,” Henry said. “Obviously, age doesn't matter for him, he's still playing at a high level, but my question would be. 'Why ain't Ryan good enough, you know?' Speaking for everyone on the offense, we fed off of him. Ryan Tannehill is our quarterback and went to the AFC championship, why would we not want Ryan back?”

I’ve been thinking of that in the context of something Mike Vrabel told us on The Midday 180 this week at the combine about trust.

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Jon Robinson, Mike Vrabel can build legacy if they get Tom Brady, but I'm not sure they can hurt it

INDIANAPOLIS – At the NFL scouting combine on Tuesday, The Titans could have snuffed out or at least tamped down the Tom Brady talk.

They did not.


So as we count down to March 18th’s start of free agency, there is no reason we shouldn’t be considering every angle of the possibility that the Titans turn away from Ryan Tannehill and to Tom Brady.

And here’s a significant one I had not previously thought about:

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Interesting things I heard from QBs and WRs at the combine

INDIANAPOLIS – Things I found interesting as I listened in on several quarterback and wide receiver prospects at NFL scouting combine Tuesday...

Joe Burrow said that when he recently mentioned that he has some leverage, he was not talking about leveraging his way out of going to the Bengals with the No. 1 pick.BurrowCombine

“I was kind of talking more about the combine process,” he said. “Just so everyone knows, I’m not going to throw, I’m not going to work out. So that’s kind of what I was talking about. But yeah, I’m going to try to be the best player I can be for whoever drafts me and try to fit in any way that I can.

“No, you can’t (influence the process) as a rookie. Hopefully, I can become a vet and influence that process and have some say in personnel decisions like the veterans do now. But until then, you can’t do anything about it.”

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Titans beat the Patriots in 2018 and when New England came to Nashville for joint training camp sessions the next summer as the reigning Super Bowl champions, Tom Brady brought his friend Mike Vrabel a present.

A tiny trophy denoting that regular-season the win.VrabelCombine2020Radio

Asked at the NFL scouting combine Tuesday about his relationship with Brady, a good friend since 2001, Vrabel added in the Titans wild card-round win at New England in 2019.

“Undefeated,” he said. “I’m hoping for a bigger trophy this year.”

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Mail: A third QB scenario, potential for tag and trade, coaches and the CBA

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A long, quiet stretch will end on Tuesday in Indianapolis at the NFL scouting combine when we hear from Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel. They are sure to steer clear of many of the questions they will be faced with. How much actual information we get from them is a big and valid question.


in the meantime, let's dive into some mailbag matters.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- On March 18, Jon Robinson will embark on his fifth tour of free agency as the Titans general manager.

His biggest decision regarding a Tennessee free agent before the ones coming now?

Avery Williamson, possibly. Quinton Spain, conceivably. But the decision to let those two players depart were made well before they got to market.RobinsonShades

Other decisions on whether to keep a guy or let him move on were hardly roster-rattling: Luke Stocker, Kevin Pamphile, Bennie Logan, Eric Decker, Harry Douglas, Josh Kline, Eric Walden, Brice McCain, Matt Cassel, Kendall Wright, Marc Mariani, Anthony Fasano, Chance Warmack.

I count 47 players who’ve been free agents under Robinson’s first four free agency periods.

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Considering landing spots for Marcus Mariota

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A year ago, despite coming off a brutal ending to his fouth season, Marcus Mariota’s career was still filled with hope.

He had one more big shot to establish himself as the Titans’ franchise quarterback. He had another new coordinator, but one who was familiar with him and who would bring a lot of carryover. He was about to get an influx of help on offense, a veteran left guard who would prove to live up to his billing in the end and a rookie wide receiver who would reach heights nearly 30 draft picks at the position had not come close to for the franchise.MariotaWarm2RAMS

But Mariota didn’t seize the opportunity to become the long-term solution. In six games, he worked his way to the bench. When Tennessee’s excellent run to the AFC Championship Game ended the praise for Mariota was for his practice-squad work imitating Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans’ 2019 success means prices for tickets in 2020 will be going up, particularly for the best seats at Nissan Stadium.

On average, the cost of lower bowl seats will increase 10 percent, a year after they went up an average of 15 percent.JBrownFans

That’s a whopping average 26.5 percent increase for the most coveted seats in the venue over a two-year span at a time when teams are fighting to get people to keep coming to games.

But it also comes on the heels of the Titans playing in the AFC Championship Game and finishing just a game short of the Super Bowl. [Unlocked]

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