Logan Ryan showing off value as a run defender early

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – We make the mistake occasionally, thinking of a nickel corner as a corner, whose job is to cover.

RyanBut Logan Ryan has shown us he’s an effective blitzer, with the fifth-most sacks on the team in 2018 (four). And on the first big run day of training camp on Sunday, we saw his role as a run defender show up prominently.

He burst into the backfield to hit Dion Lewis for a loss and made other plays outside, showing himself to be a big factor in the run defense.

“What they pay me to do, the salary they gave me, is to be a game-changing player,” said Ryan, who wears yellow cleats on the weekend to help his young daughter spot him. “So, I want to make it so the team has to prepare for me, neutralize what I do. I want to make an impact on every game. …


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