What the Titans mean when they say they are asking 'a lot' of Marcus Mariota

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mike Mularkey has routinely said the Marcus Mariota has increased responsibility in his third NFL season.

On Friday. After the big loss at Pittsburgh, the Titans coach said this:

“Yeah, we're asking him to do a lot, a lot more than I've been around. We trust him to do that. I know he's thrown more. I'm glad he's our quarterback. I know this, we still have a chance to win every game with him no matter what the score is, where it is in the game. Nobody ever talks about how accurate he is in some of the throws he does make, all you guys keep asking me are about the throws he doesn't. There's a lot of good throws that he makes every Sunday, very tight window throws.”

First off, when a quarterback throws four interceptions, the conversation isn’t going to be about his completions and Mularkey surely knows that.MariotaPointPIT

Secondly, what’s with this conversation about all Mariota is being asked to do?

If a quarterback is asked to do a lot, I presume it involves the passing game. And the Titans passing game isn’t doing a lot.


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