Amy Adams Strunk on Midday 180: 'I don't want a new stadium'

CANTON, Ohio – All those cranes that are such a part of the Nashville skyline are not going to be part of building the Titans a football palace like the ones in Dallas and Atlanta or the ones going up in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk has said in the past she was not yet thinking about a new stadium even with Nissan Stadium’s lease set to expire following the 2029 season.NashvilleStadiumSkyline

In an interview with The Midday 180 on Friday during a pause in her day during meetings of the NFL’s Hall of Fame committee, she made her biggest pronouncement yet about Nashville’s stadium future, saying she wanted to put to rest any idea that she will be approaching the city seeking a new one.

“…I don’t want a new stadium,” she said. “But I do like The Hard Rock Stadium. That’s a very interesting model and one that we need to keep looking further at to make improvements. I’m all about making it the best stadium for our fans that I can without being ridiculous. Because at the end of the day the stadium doesn’t win football games.

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Bulked up coach's favorite David Fluellen ready for positional versatility

David Fluellen worked his way up to No. 3 running back last season and was in line for carries when coaches got frustrated with Derrick Henry in the win over New England.

He quickly suffered a knee injury, which derailed that.


After the season, the plan was to bulk him up and increase his opportunities beyond special teams. So now, with Jonnu Smith out,  he's showing up in the move tight end role as an H-back and a F-back along with Ryan Hewitt.

He's also a headliner in Mike Vrabel's policy that the Titans will treat a player the way a player treats the team. WIse young newcomers would be wise to watch how he works and carries himself.

Here's my recent chat with Fluellen.

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Why today means so much to this miracle of a site

CANTON, Ohio – As Jonathan Hutton and I made out way to Cleveland and then here yesterday, we talked about two years of PaulKuharsky.com and came to realize we were on the move on the two-year anniversary of the site.

PK.comLogo badge vintage HiRes 1The Midday 180 will visit with Kevin Mawae today as he approaches his enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. For the second time in three years we will look to mingle with guys who are already wearing gold jackets and learn more about the game and the people in the game now from the best people to ever play it.

Camp started in 2017 before this site was up and running, and then I wrote for a while before the membership element was up and running. Once it was you guys jumped to show your support for an independent journalist on the team who works to offer second-level analysis, ask the tough questions while maintaining the important relationships and stays away from the predictable story of the day unless commenting on it feels necessary.

Here was the introductory post and here was the first really good post. [Unlocked]

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Still too early to be excited about Titans' wideouts

Still too early to be excited about Titans' wideouts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Every year at this early stage of training camp, there is some degree of excitement about the Titans’ receivers.

And every year we look back at this time and recall how naïve we were and how unwarranted it was. The franchise has a long history of being insufficient at the position and unable to fix it.Davispodium

And like with the Titans inability to beat the Colts, it’s a lot safer to expect the same and be surprised by a change than to predict this is the time when it’s going to change.

So let’s keep that context in mind as we review where things currently stand among a group that will go a long way toward determining whether the Titans can make a jump from good to great.

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Titans' coaching and administrative staff has grown 74 percent in 10 years

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – There is a new kitchen at the Titans facility, but no one who works in it is listed as a fulltime team employee. Yet. And a fifth member of the public relations staff is soon to come aboard.2009frontoffice

The media guide the Titans put out as training camp got underway includes 177 employees who are not football players. I was struck by the long list on those pages and it prompted me to search out a sense of just how much the franchise has grown.

So, I dug up a 2009 media guide, from when the team still regularly published such a thing rather than sending out a digital version. And I counted up the people who were in the administrative section in there.

There were 102.

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Logan Ryan showing off value as a run defender early

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – We make the mistake occasionally, thinking of a nickel corner as a corner, whose job is to cover.

RyanBut Logan Ryan has shown us he’s an effective blitzer, with the fifth-most sacks on the team in 2018 (four). And on the first big run day of training camp on Sunday, we saw his role as a run defender show up prominently.

He burst into the backfield to hit Dion Lewis for a loss and made other plays outside, showing himself to be a big factor in the run defense.

“What they pay me to do, the salary they gave me, is to be a game-changing player,” said Ryan, who wears yellow cleats on the weekend to help his young daughter spot him. “So, I want to make it so the team has to prepare for me, neutralize what I do. I want to make an impact on every game. …

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Tracking Mike Vrabel's movement as he watched Sunday's practice unfold

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mike Vrabel is like the cartoon Tasmanian devil when the Titans are spread out at practice.

He runs to one group, watches for a bit, jumps in to get his hands on one guy with some advice picking up on what the position coach is talking about, steps back, gradually backs out, then spins his head, turning his attention and closing in on the next group to repeat the process.VrabelWalker

             (Mike Vrabel works hand-on with Delanie Walker during Saturday's training camp practice.)

It looked simultaneously exhausting and energizing, and I’m certain knowing the head coach might step into your drill at any moment adds life to the individual practice period, where positions work by themselves. Sunday’s was 15 minutes long and Vrabel made it to inside linebackers, outside linebacker, the defensive line, the offensive line, back to the defensive line and back to the inside backers.

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Kenny Vaccaro's sad story: A lost, autographed Michael Jordan jersey

Jordan 1NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Let's go back to Logan Ryan’s charity event on May 31. The Chow Down raised money for his animal rescue foundation.

There, his friend and teammate from the Titans' defensive backfield, Kenny Vaccaro, bid some serious cash on a Michael Jordan autographed jersey.

Vaccaro told me Saturday he lost the jersey that same night, and I thought it was only fitting that we put out an APB in an effort to help him find it, as unlikely as it seems.

Here, unlocked, he tells the entire, sad story. It's a long shot, but if your friend had a jersey that looked like this one out of nowhere at the start of June, you may be in line to have a good friend in the Titans' secondary if you provide some details.

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