NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Could this be the last one?

The Titans had a staffer test positive for COVID-19 in results that came back Sunday morning, prompting their building to be closed down the day after it reopened following an 11-day closure.


The Titans circle up around Mike Vrabel at Saturday's walk-through: Photo courtesy Titans via pool.

NFL Network reports the new positive is a coach. Did he contract the virus as part of the team's outbreak, despite an 11-day closure of the building, or did he get it elsewhere?

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Given a chance to defend themselves or set the record straight, the Titans said Saturday they’ve been transparent with the NFL and NFLPA’s investigation and will wait for their summary before responding to allegations of protocol violations that may have assisted in their COVID-19 outbreak.

Mike Vrabel and Kevin Byard purposefully called it a review rather than an investigation, and it seemed like one of the points of emphasis that were discussed and planned before the Zoom press conferences which included a couple of members of the national media. (Ryan Tannehill did use the word investigation, however.)ByardAnthem2

“With all questions that are going to relate to the review,” Vrabel said, “we’ve been completely transparent with NFL, with the NFLPA during this entire process and we’re going to wait for their summary before commenting further on any of those discussions.” [Unlocked]

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In July, Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder hired Beth Wilkinson to investigate reports of workplace issues within his franchise.

The move was greeted with widespread objections. How could an investigator reporting to the person heading the franchise being investigated possibly bring impartial eyes to the case?

The NFL took over the case on Aug. 31, with Wilkinson told to report to the league.


Now, with the Tennessee Titans caught up in a pandemic mess that has seen 12 players and nine staffers test positive for COVID-19, resulting in the postponement of one game and uncertainty regarding Sunday’s scheduled matchup against the Bills in Nashville, the NFL and the NFLPA have been investigating the team.

Violations of the NFL’s protocols may result in stiff penalties against the Titans.

But as a Snyder hire would have had a vested interest in Washington’s side of an investigation, the NFL itself has a vested interest in the NFL’s side of an investigation.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A group of Titans worked out at Montgomery Bell Academy on Sept. 30 despite an NFL directive not to hold such get-togethers while team headquarters was closed because of a COVID-19 outbreak, according to sources who saw players there.

A league source said that once the Titans building was closed down on Sept. 29, the franchise was told there were to be “no in-person meetings, workouts or activities at the facility or elsewhere.”

Students at the private school saw a large group of adult football players they identified as Titans working out on the school’s field during classes in the middle of the day. Another source said he saw Ryan Tannehill there.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – If the Titans get no new positive test results back Wednesday morning, Mike Vrabel is expecting a green light from the NFL to reopen the team’s facility.

But he indicated his team will ease back into practice work after what will have been nine days away.


“I hope that we’ve done some things to stay active but I will have to evaluate their fitness level, their conditioning level,” he said. “Try to have a walk-through, something like that, and then being able to run and move around a little bit.” [Unlocked]

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans returned no positive COVID-19 tests for the second day in a row Tuesday, a source told

That means the Titans can potentially reopen their facility Wednesday. It appears only a new positive Wednesday morning could throw that off.EmptyFacilityTitans

Team headquarters has been closed since Sept. 29, when the team was told to clear out after three players and five staff members tested positive.

The Titans are coming off a week without a game after their matchup with the Steelers was pushed back to Week 7 because of all their positive tests -- 19 total after Shane Bowen's the day before the Vikings game.


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans’ COVID-19 cases have us in a spot where we have to do the one thing we hate as much as anemic pass-rushes and missed blitz pick-ups.


After six days that produced nine player and nine staff cases, the Titans got no positive test results back on Monday morning. They need a clear Tuesday in order to reopen their building under stricter protocols on Wednesday.BrinkleyMH

(Beau Brinkley photo by Mark Humphrey, AP via pool.)

Between Shane Bowen’s positive coming to light and him landing in the COVID protocol on Sept. 26 and DaQuan Jones, Beau Brinkley, practice-squader Tommy Hudson and five staff members coming up positive on Tuesday there was a three-day gap.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Hello to you as we get into the weekend of Week Four, now the Titans' bye.

Here is the Periscope conversation I had with some of you from earlier this week. If you haven't seen it I think you will want to check it out.

Onto the best of this week's mail. As always I appreciate you taking the time to ask some questions.


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