Why I am actually OK with Logan Woodside as the Titans' backup QB

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – I question the Titans’ strategy at kicker. I question their depth at receiver. I question the caliber of their returners. I now question the signing of Vic Beasley.

But of the questions on the Titans' current roster, I’m actually OK with Logan Woodside as the backup quarterback.



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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans love to talk about their focus being on guys who they have with them. It's a reliable cliche.

But they better be wildly concerned about the player who says he will report soon.

Their biggest veteran offseason addition, Vic Beasley, decided to show up to camp when he feels like it.


It took them three days to merely make contact with him.

That does not suggest to me he's a guy who fits the "team-first, loves-football" mold and mantra they have worked so hard to build. Name a new guy and he fits under that umbrella. The early bit of evidence on Beasley, who Robinson said will "be reporting to camp in the near future" certainly doesn't suggest he fits, and he'll have to work hard to qualify.

There is no better way to get started than to embarrass the GM who signed you and the coach who's been counting on you.

I’ve texted Beasley and called him several times, including again just before posting this, getting only his voicemail.

Later Thursday, there was this:

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – No preseason games. No workouts against other teams.

From now until the Titans start off Sept. 14 in Denver, presuming all goes well for the NFL and opening weekend is played, there is so much football to prepared for but so little real football to be played.


Coaches fear live, to-the-ground contact when they are working with just their team. Getting a healthy team to the first game is the No. 1 mission, and if sloppy play is a result of that when things get started, so be it.

For younger players who Mike Vrabel and his staff must evaluate in an irregular preseason, there may simply be no way to avoid live periods of practice or some scrimmage situations.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- So Vic Beasley being placed on the "Reserve – Did Not Report" list is quite curious.

And what makes it more so is that I am updating this this at 10:30 pm CT Tuesday evening -- about six hours after the Titans announced their roster moves. There has been zero indication of what's up.Beasley1

(Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons.)

Not a peep for me from team sources, Beasley sources or anyone I can think of who might have had so much as a hint or know someone who might have. [Unlocked]

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The changed NFL world led to a 40-minute camp-opening Zoom press conference with Mike Vrabel where the first player question came three-fourths of the way through.

Welcome to corona camp, where veteran arrivals got tested Tuesday and went home. They will test again Wednesday and Friday and only after three negatives will they join rookies, quarterbacks and players who came back from early injuries inside team headquarters.VrabelJuly2820

Among last week’s early arrivals, first-round pick Isaiah Wilson is on the COVID-reserve list, which means he either has coronavirus or has been exposed to someone who has it. His stay on the list could be as little as five to 10 days, but if he’s exhibiting symptoms it will be longer. If he were to return quickly, Day 5 and 6, for veterans anyway, are for physicals, being assigned Kinexon proximity trackers and learning about how they work and getting fitted for equipment.

As of the posting of this, he’s not yet agreed to a contract.

The other piece of notable player news is that Jayon Brown starts out on the PUP list with an unknown injury.

Much of what Vrabel discussed was the mechanics of running a camp and a facility given the restrictions set forth by the NFL to limit the chance of spreading the virus. [Unlocked]

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Five Titans' veterans who lose the most from no joint workouts, preseason games

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – While players did the best they could with individual and then, perhaps, small group workouts, the lack of OTAs and minicamp surely dented progress.

The absence of joint workouts and preseason games will be worse for rookies than for veterans, of course, and it’ll be worse for some veterans than others.


Here are the five Titans' veterans who I think stand to suffer the most from the NFL’s unusual August:

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How Titans will work with similarities of Harold Landry and Vic Beasley

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –  Ideally, a defensive front includes a speedy edge rusher playing across from a stouter, more physical guy, giving a team a mix of guys with different traits who get then to the quarterback.

Right now, the Titans will be looking to two pretty similar guys in their pursuit with Harold Landry and Vic Beasley.


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One other Jadeveon Clowney consideration: His bearing on next year's salary cap

One other Jadeveon Clowney consideration: His bearing on next year's salary cap

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Jadeveon Clowney’s very attractive for a team that loves the idea of front multiplicity and I think the Titans are well-positioned to land him somewhere in the next several weeks.

His ability to bounce around and fit all over can make him a matchup problem and the attention he draws will make things easier for a number of other guys along the front, from Harold Landry to Vic Beasley.Titans3logos

While the franchise must simultaneously consider the short term and the long term, I tend to argue on the side of worrying about now now, and later later. (General example: Hand Derrick Henry the ball now, worry about the effects of wear and tear later.)

Still, there is a potential downside to a Clowney contract we have not examined and is worth some discussion.

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