NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans acknowledges what was obvious: Their offense was lacking after the free-agent departures of Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith.

After an initial report from Dianna Russini that Julio Jones was in fact on the way to the Titans the team confirmed a deal is in place: Pending a physical the Titans 2022 second-round pick and their 2023 fourth to Atlanta for Jones and Atlanta’s 2023 sixth-rounder.

The Titans and Jones are talking through potential contract alterations and Tennessee is trying to figure out the cap element. Per Spotrac the franchise needs to free up over $9 million.


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Over his first two seasons, A.J. Brown established himself as a constant threat, who at his best is able to accelerate away from defenders for dynamic plays that change a game.

But in 2021, the Titans have let the top members of his supporting cast leave. And while the price tags for Corey Davis with the Jets and Jonnu Smith with the Patriots were beyond what the Titans could have offered, the lack of moves made to replace them is puzzling.


Pool photo courtesy Tennessee Titans

Right now, without a deal for Julio Jones – an all-time great – or perhaps Jameson Crowder, who may be too expensive for the Jets to hold onto given the additions they’ve made, Tennessee has made Brown’s life more difficult.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- More veterans showed up to the OTA that was open to the media Thursday, but there are still some puzzling no-shows for a team that needs to coalesce given the turnover.ScreenX

If you just got a big signing bonus, I think you ought to show up and introduce yourself around. But I'm not in a union that's pushing guys to skip voluntary sessions.

We discussed the newcomer who did show up and didn't participate much, the Titans' need for Julio Jones -- or somebody -- at receiver as well as at tight end, Kevin Byard's positioning, what Shane Bowen said this week, a couple guys who look skinny, leaders leading, Jim Schwartz's presence, the Ryan-Tannehill-Downing relationship and much more Thursday night.

You should definitely check it out. Head below for the YouTube or to the private Facebook page

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans changed little about their defensive staff and a lot about their defensive personnel after a horrific performance in 2020.

The new players have to do their thing, of course, but in his second season as Mike Vrabel’s most prominent defensive assistant, Shane Bowen is center stage now.


Shane Bowen, pool photo, George Walker, The Tennessean

He is no longer tethered to the Titans’ outside linebackers. He wears the defensive coordinator tag and owns the freedom to roam position practice meetings and practice periods.

Things will be different for him in 2021.

“Ultimately being the final voice, right, it has changed in that regard,” he said, though with the alpha Mike Vrabel above him there will certainly be times we’re left to wonder how final.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Veteran OTA attendance is likely to pick up, at least some, for the Titans this week.

I counted 51 of 9- players at Thursday’s session that was open to the media, but among the projected starters only Anthony Firkser, Amani Hooker and Teair Tart were on the field.

As I wrote that day, I understand the voluntary element of this time on the team’s calendar. But the way things really work, it’s not entirely voluntary. A fight between the union and management is playing out, and the undercard is pitting the Titans’ theme of team-first against what is best for individuals.


Pool photo George Walker, The Tennessean

Though it’s not entirely clear how the top Titans may have concluded staying away as part of a fight against something their union collectively bargained for in 2020 is best for them.

At any rate, what strikes me now is that through the first week of Phase 3 of OTAs so few players felt job security as a force in their decision about showing up.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Voluntary or not, at OTAs the Titans’ preaching about being a good teammate and doing what is best for the team is clashing right now with guys doing their own thing and following the guidance of their union.

The NFLPA failed to negotiate away OTAs in a new collective bargaining agreement it signed off on in 2020.


Pool photo, George Walker, The Tennessean

Only a year later, after seeing the effects of an OTA-less offseason that resulted from the pandemic, the union has decided the spring and summer obligations are unnecessary and pushed players to stay away.

The largest share of Titans ever were not at the Thursday session open to the media.

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