INDIANAPOLIS -- How will first-round quarterbacks affect the Titans in the first round? How hard is it to plug them in given the lack of QB needy teams in the top five? With 13 high-quality defensive front players, how likely are the Titans to land one they want?


I delve into that and how little Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel really said at the NFL scouting combine, even as we had fun interviews with both on The Midday 180 on Radio Row at the NFL scouting combine. Here's Robinson and here is Vrabel

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Titans don't think 'a Superman will fly in, transform' what they are doing


INDIANAPOLIS – Jon Robinson doesn’t think the Titans are one, dynamic star player away from the promised land.

“I think there’s a lot of pieces,” he said. “It takes all 11 guys. There’s not going to be Superman who is going to fly in on a cape and transform what we are doing.”

I get what he is saying, but I’d love to see him test the theory.

Drop a blue-chip receiver into the offense and a blue-chip pass rusher into the defense and are we sure he couldn’t transform what the Titans are doing on each side of the ball?

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Scout's take: Defensive line options and a plan for the Titans

By BLAKE BEDDINGFIELD, special contributor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans’ defensive line has one indispensable player. Jurrell Casey is able to play a high number of snaps per game and impact the run and the pass.

Casey is the only defensive lineman on the Titans roster with that ability. That must change. The pass rush was not a factor in 2018 and that can change quickly by adding personnel. CaseyTexans

Casey is the leader of the group. DaQuan Jones is a run-down player first and can be a force in the role but gives very little against the pass. Jones lacks quickness as a rusher and despite his strength and anchor those are not pass rushing traits. Austin Johnson is a mirror image of Jones. Both are better versus the run and struggle to rush the passer outside of giving a push as a power rusher at times.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Rest has served Marcus Mariota well and Mike Vrabel expects the quarterback to be 100 percent for regular offseason action when the Titans return for offseason action in mid-April, the coach told The Midday 180.

Mariota missed three games in 2018 including the crucial season-finale against the Colts at Nissan Stadium. The Titans needed a win to get into the playoffs. Without Mariota, who sat out with a stinger that a California-based neck expert told him could put him at risk for further damage, Tennessee lost 33-17.MariotaBalanceEagles

“I’ve texted with him a couple times, he’s feeling good,” Jon Robinson also told the radio show.  “He’s had some checkups and all that. Without having a printed out report of a full body scan, all things seem to be pointing in the right direction.”

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Take a Lap: The Titans' lack of dynamic stars, Mike Vrabel's relatability and an attempted Frank Wycheck update

MT. JULIET, Tenn. -- For a short while, I was a Golden Bear who tried to pronounce the name of this town correctly instead of the way I usually say it for the guy I know best who lives here.

TakeALap 2

Yes, I visited the homeland of Chad Withrow of Midday 180 fame for an edition of "Take a Lap," during which I visited with member John Griffin and we strolled the field, which, by the way, had dried out nicely.

We discussed the Titans lack os a dynamic pass rusher, which turned into a conversation about their lack of stars; we looked into Mike Vrabel's relatability as a key factor in why I think he'll be successful; We hit on one of the most frequent questions I get: How's Frank Wycheck doing. We also hit Jimmy Buffet, MLS' chances for success in Nashville, Bud Adams' favorite food, my favorite Titans to cover and the Midday 180's pedal tavern.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As Jon Robinson, Mike Vrabel and the Titans dive further into sorting through a new crop of players in Indianapolis this week, they’ll move a little further along in a dance that’s inevitable.

The GM and coach don’t want to have Robinson guys and Vrabel guys, but as Robinson joined the team in 2016 and Vrabel didn’t come along until two years later, there are two classes of players that, in fact, qualify as Robinson guys.AustinJohnson

Some of them were guys Vrabel quickly came to rely on, and any coach would have loved Kevin Byard, Jayon Brown and the Derrick Henry we saw in the final month of the season.

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Pickers mailbag: Why not give Kevin Byard a fully guaranteed contract?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Welcome to the best and biggest of the mailbags where we hit topics you won't see elsewhere. I'm sure at the end you will agree. 

First, feel free to enjoy this Periscope where I get annoyed with some questions that aren't nearly as good as the ones below. Fun!

Now on to bigger and better things.

Thanks for all the excellent contributions.

Jamie Zaleski What is the downside in giving Kevin Byard less money but making it 100% guaranteed? So if you say $13m per year, could titans say 5/$55m all guaranteed. If he gets injured titans probably aren’t cutting him anyway in next 5 years. Only lose if he has a career ending injury.


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The idea that the Titans should draft a quarterback every year until they hit comes up periodically.

Another thing I hear a lot is that they should spend a mid-round pick on a quarterback.Wilson

I've been overdue to delve into these ideas, both of which I've long considered nonsensical.

Midday 180 production assistant Wes Patrick helped me on a large-scale project to find out just what a team might expect if it drafted a QB every year and what hit rate it could expect with a mid-round pick.

In the last 10 years…

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