Yazoo Mailbag: Titans' player development, present and future

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Thanks for your mail this week. It will certainly be a telling game at Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Sunday.


We had a quality podcast which you may need to catch up on.

And of course, a big Periscope/Facebook Live session.

Now we forge ahead to your questions in advance of Sunday.

Jamie Zaleski Do you trust this coaching staff to develop a new qb next year, if that is the route they go? Who in the building has the knowledge/track record to help a new qb?

PK: I don’t know. We have not seen them do it.

But I’d like to think the guy they’d be developing comes in with some really good traits and has some different qualities than Marcus Mariota has had.

Pat O’Hara coached quarterbacks in Houston when Deshaun Watson was a rookie, so he had a hand in getting that good quarterback

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Scout's Take: How the Titans will try to slow Falcons' dangerous WRs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- This is a must-win for both 1-2 teams. The Falcons have a potentially dynamic offense built around arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL in Julio Jones.

The Falcons offense has three very good receivers in Jones, Calvin Ridley and Mohamed Sanu, a receiving tight end in Austin Hooper and a running back in Devonta Freeman that has run and pass receiving skills. TitansPatchThe weak link for the Falcons is the offensive line.  Both guards and the rookie right tackle Kaleb McGray can be beat. This is a game for Harold Landry, Cameron Wake and Jurrell Casey to get their pass rush going.  

The biggest matchups for the Titans defense:

Julio Jones vs. the Titans’ corners

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No yeller: Mike Vrabel tries to take calm, teacher approach with Titans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mike Vrabel makes it clear he’s upset with himself, always putting “I’ve got to coach better” at the head of the line when he discusses Titans’ issues.

But after dreadful results like the Titans have gotten in their last two games, losses to the Colts and at Jacksonville, I imagined the high-energy coach could get high-volume.VrabelScream

We’ve seen him lose his cool with a media member who was filming something he didn’t want filmed -- not a major event in the big picture. He later apologized in front of the whole press corps.

So what might a dropped pass or a missed tackle that had big consequences prompt?

To hear his players tell it, such an outburst from Vrabel is a rarity in the locker room or the meeting room.

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Five things I don't really understand as the Titans get ready for Atlanta

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Things I don’t get as the Titans get ready for Week 4 in Atlanta…

TitansScoreboardLogoCam Wake’s snap count: He played 23 very impactful snaps in Cleveland then 16 against the Colts and 14 in Jacksonville. That is trending in the wrong direction.

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Yazoo Mailbag: Many Marcus Mariota questions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Welcome back to work. I know you are excited. 

On the bright side I know you are now completely over the Titans Week 3 Thursday night debacle at Jacksonville.

And so we begin the week with a mailbag in which none of you have any questions looking back on any of that. (Sarcasm.)

PK: I’m surprised how many people think the general manager would be deciding this. Jon Robinson decides on the roster. Mike Vrabel decides on the playing time. I’m sure they’d talk about it and strive for consensus and all of that. But ultimately who’s active on the 46-man roster and who’s playing and who isn’t is Vrabel’s to decide.FansInJax19

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Scout's Take: Breaking down every sack, every pressure and more from Titans' loss to Jaguars

By BLAKE BEDDINGFIELD, special contributor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – My review of the Titans’ 20-7 loss at Jacksonville...

The Jaguars came into the game 0-2 and their best player CB Jalen Ramsey wanted to be traded, but they left the stadium with a renewed sense of hope because of the division win and a defense that looked like the 2017 version.TenJax

Jacksonville was a dangerous team and it showed that on Thursday night. The Jaguars looked as focused as I have seen them in three years.

The offense:

Sacks were the big issue again with the Titans offense. Here is the breakdown of each.

1. Third-and-24: Calais Campbell vs. Jamil Douglas. Screen pass, Douglas never touched Campbell. (1.35 sec).

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The offense they pledged would be way better is killing the Titans right now

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The shiny new weapons. The veteran upgrade left guard. The continuity coordinator.

In consecutive games against division foes, those elements have proved to be worth very little for the Tennessee Titans. Last week it was a 19-17 home loss to the Colts. Thursday night it was worse, a 20-7 loss to the previously woeful Jaguars, who started a sixth-round rookie quarterback.MariotaJax19Face

“Honestly, they just kicked our ass,” Delanie Walker said. “We’ve really got to check ourselves and really see who we say we are and who we say we want to be.”

With Marcus Mariota at the helm in his fifth year, this was supposed to be an Apple offense, sleek and smooth out of the box, pretty to behold with new features to discover as we got to know it.

How funny does that sound now?

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Initial thoughts on issues from Titans' disaster in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Quick thoughts on the Titans terrible 20-7 loss to the Jaguars at TIAA Bank Field before a locker-room visit gives me much more...Image 1 1

Offensive cohesion: For all this offense added and for all the talk of the continuity Arthur Smith would bring from being a long-term presence, this group looks like it was put together a few days ago and has developed very little feel for each other or for what it's being asked to do.

It's truly puzzling. Shouldn't Marcus Mariota and Corey Davis, a couple of first-round picks, have some chemistry by now where they can be counted on for a few key connections a game? Their most notable play was a great one-handed snatch by Davis on the TD drive.

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