NFL scoring is up, and the Titans aren't doing close to their share

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The league is in the midst of a scoring binge, with crooked numbers on scoreboards all over the country.

When the Titans hired Mike Vrabel, and when Vrabel hired Matt LaFleur, they were supposed to be heading to a more modern, wide-open offense. The mission wasn’t to score more points, it was to win more games But the path to winning more games in 2018 comes with more points.LewisStoppedRavens2

And through six games, it’s been an abject failure.

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A closer look at all 11 sacks Marcus Mariota absorbed from the Ravens

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A closer look at all 11 sacks Marcus Mariota endured Sunday in the Titans’ 21-0 loss to the Ravens.


2-6-BLT 37 (12:01) M.Mariota sacked at BLT 43 for -6 yards (C.Wormley).

On a play-action fake to the left, Mariota rolled right, directly into Terrell Suggs, Anthony Firkser had run right past Suggs, apparently to be a primary option for a pass. Suggs slowed Mariota down while Chris Wormley closed and finished.

Result: Third-and-12.


3-12-BLT 43 (11:25) (Shotgun) M.Mariota sacked at 50 for -7 yards (Z.Smith).

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Scout's take: A closer look at the Titans' pass protection problems

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Scouting notes from the Titans 21-0 loss to the Ravens at Nissan Stadium Sunday…

The Titans started out with a high tempo offense. No-huddle. A good mix of run and pass, but the pass rush of the Ravens was too much for the Titans offense to handle.MariotaSacked2Ravens

The first sack was a QB roll out to the right, Terrell Suggs was unblocked and the right DT Chris Wormley worked past Ben Jones for a hustle sack. 

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After another fiasco, that awkward touchdown question needs an answer from the Titans' offense right away

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The touchdown question sounds bad. As it's grown, there’s no really good way to frame it that I’ve found.

So, you haven’t scored a touchdown in half your games…

And where to go from there?MariotaSackedRavens

It’s not like the Titans would have a good answer for it anyway.

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Pickers mailbag: Where Marcus Mariota is going with the ball

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Greetings and welcome to Week 6. It's a crucial game Saturday afternoon at Nissan Stadium.


Before the Titans kick off against the Ravens, let's dig into some of the best questions of the week.  

Mark Cannon It would appear that the Titans have forgotten the TE position. Zero catches in the last two games. Will Firsker see some playing time?

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Scout's take: Ravens' matchup will require Marcus Mariota to be special

Blake Beddingfield was a Titans' scout for 19 years, through the 2017 draft. He was the team's director of college scouting for his final six years. Follow him on Twitter at @BlakeBeddingfi1. He’s brought to you by Party Fowl. Eat hot chicken and drink boozy slushes in The Gulch, the Boro or in Donelson.

By BLAKE BEDDINGFIELD, special correspondent

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Scouting note on the Ravens ahead of their Sunday visit to Nissan Stadium…

The Ravens have an experienced offensive unit with a good combination of receiving threats.MariotaRunEagles

The Ravens have four solid TEs with a mix of receivers and blockers. Nick Boyle is a blocker first, he is the size of an offensive lineman and is an excellent sixth blocker on the line of scrimmage. Maxx Williams and 2018 first round pick Hayden Hurts are receivers first. Mark Andrews is a solid combination TE, and would be a solid No. 2 tight end on most NFL teams.

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Backlash against Titans' WRs is so strong, I'm actually defending them some

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – We need to talk. It’s one of those times.

I don’t like the Titans wide receiver group. But the recent reaction to them has been so over the top you’ve put me in the awkward position of defending them.

The Titans are not dynamic at the position. They rarely have been.SharpeTampa

But the current top three guys aren’t as bad as they are being made out to be. And how the stink of Nick Williams in Buffalo has gotten on Corey Davis, Taywan Taylor and Tajae Sharpe is confusing me.

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YAZOO PODCAST: Receiver overreaction, Rashaan Evans review, Banksy and the Hubble Telescope

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Some of your receiver acquisition dreams are out of control, and you've done the impossible: You've made me defend the Titans' wideouts.

Madison Blevins joined me for the first time in a while and we talked receivers, the health of Taylor Lewan and Dennis Kelly, learning more about Mike Vrabel, how much we should be worried about Rashaan Evans at this stage and the upcoming trip to London.


Additionally, we hit my recovery from the end of the Yankees' season and Banksy's shredded art.

Also, are you concerned about the Hubble telescope? I am. NASA put it into safe mode while working out some issues. I urge you to watch this show about all the telescope has made possible.

You can find Part 1 on iTunes, here, or directly through the Vokal website, here. Feel free to hook us up with a rating and review on iTunes.

If you're a member of the site, it's all one podcast, which you can play by heading below.

Thanks for your continued support.

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