I love Delanie Walker too, but pending decision needs to come with no emotion

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – I love Delanie Walker.

He’s been a mass producer and the type of player I covet, one so confident in his ability to do his job he’s always unafraid to tell the truth.

But it’s time to be honest, like he always is.DWalkerPortrait

He’s 35 and he will be 36 in August. He suffered a major injury at the start of 2018. His 2019 season ended when he needed clean-up surgery related to that.

When he was healthy at the start of 2019, Mike Vrabel and Arthur Smith – a coach who is as fond of Walker as anyone – used him minimally.

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Cameron Wake was worth a stab, Dion Lewis not so much

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – By cutting Cameron Wake and Dion Lewis, the Titans save more than $9.588 million.

The two veterans also leave behind $3.791in dead money against the 2020 salary cap, joining Taywan Taylor’s $229,000 as the only leftover dollars counting for players no longer on the roster.CameronWakePortrait

Wake’s age was a question when he arrived in Tennessee at 37, though metrics suggested he could still be a productive pass rusher.

The team was in dire need as it didn’t re-sign Derrick Morgan, who eventually retired, or Brian Orakpo, who retired following his final game.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Indications are Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel are off the pre-draft pro day circuit and the Titans are calling their scouts and coaches back from the road as the sports world closes down for fear of being part of the coronavirus spread.

The team is likely to revisit things next week.TitansWordLogoSeats

It's also monitoring visits by prospects, some of whom are being told by agents not to travel to check the circuit to visit with multiple NFL franchises. [Unlocked]

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Fourth-and-15 is an unnatural replacement for onside kicks

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Philadelphia Eagles have put forth a rule change proposal that offers a solution to the NFL’s onside kick problem.

As part of enhanced safety initiatives, the NFL changed kickoff rules in 2018.Vrabel4th

But one side-effect of the balanced formations the rules now mandate is the virtual impossibility of a successful onside kick.

A team trailing late that scores and is looking to get the ball back still typically tried the kick. But without being able to send a large number of players to chance the bouncing ball and crate a large scrum, it’s rare the kicking team emerges with the ball.

With that chance minimized, teams want a way to have a long-shot chance to get the ball back to make a late-game charge. The

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As Titans plan to get younger, a look at each of their older guys

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans don’t rate as a particularly old football team, but there are some old guys on the roster.

And I suspect they’d like to be younger in 2020 than they were in 2019, relying heavily on their six draft picks to help do the job.

Some of that will happen naturally, with guys who will become free agents next week not given a chance to re-sign. Some of it will happen more abruptly, with guys being cut.WalkerSword

Let’s take a look at guys who will be 30 or older by the time the coming season ends and what might await them.

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NFL must push franchise and transition tag deadline back

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – By not adjusting the deadline for franchise and transition tags to fall sufficiently after the NFLPA’s vote to approve the CBA, the NFL is putting the Titans at an unfair disadvantage.

It’d be easy to claim the league was just pushing a little market team’s concerns aside, but the other team most affected is the mighty Cowboys. So it’s inexplicable why the league is so far unbending after the NFLPA pushed back its voting deadline to 10:59 p.m. CT on Saturday March 14.TannehillHenry

That means team will be operating under the current CBA when the deadline for applying a franchise or transition tag hits at 3 p.m. CT arrives Thursday.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The four biggest American sports leagues currently in action are closing locker rooms in the name of safety because of fears of the coronavirus spreading.

If this is following advice from experts that will protect people, then it's probably wise. There are plenty of functioning offices in America that aren't shutting down basic elements of their operations right now, though I understand the travel and proximity of the co-workers isn't the same.

If the media practices must be changed, I would imagine the fans have to be cut out pretty soon too, as they are in close proximity of one another which is the primary concern, right? The league would never be concerned only with the safety of their players, but not also of their customers, would they?

Screen Shot 2020 03 09 at 7.01.28 PM

Virtually every sportswriter who will lose the traditional method of access in favor of more press-conference settings – no matter why it happens -- will think the same thing: We’ll never get it back. [Unlocked]

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Annual warning: Don't give too much weight to outsider reports right now

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Two weeks removed from the official opening of NFL free agency – barring a pushback related to the CBA – I am here to provide a public service.

Don’t take anything being reported or referenced right now as particularly solid, especially if it's not from a regular, top NFL news breaker.TitansBigWallLogo

I know ESPN fantasy guru Matthew Berry a bit. I tried to get him to visit with the Midday 180 which we were in Indianapolis for the scouting combine. We couldn’t work out the timing.

Berry works the combine to gather as much info that will inform fantasy players, as that’s the lane where he’s the preeminent guy in the country.

Tuesday, after he gathered up his notes and thoughts, he wrote: “20(ish) things I learned at the 2020 NFL combine.”

And it included this:

“A Titans insider told me he expects the team to franchise Derrick Henry (if they can't come to a long-term deal) and let Ryan Tannehill test the market.”

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